Jess Kotanen

Jessica Kotanen is Lights' sister and friend. She went to the University of the Fraser Valley and works as an Education Management Proffessional at Traditional Learning Academy. She is married to Jonny Kotanen and together they have two children: Olive and Fern Kotanen.

Biography Edit

Jess and Lights band

Lights (front, on guitar) and Jess (back, on drums) jamming together.

Jess Kotanen was born to parents Eric and Virginia Poxleitner on February 8. She is the older sister to Lights, then known as Valerie Poxleitner. When they were younger, Jess and Lights would make music together in their attic.

Jess later married a man named Jonny Kotanen on April 6, 2009, and changed her last name from Poxleitner to Kotanen. Lights wrote the song "Jonny and Jess" as a wedding gift to the couple.

Lights and Jess preggers

Lights (left) and Jess (right) pregnant at the same time.

She and Jonny had a baby named Olive together. In 2014, she became pregnant with her second child, Fern, the same time that Lights became pregnant with her first child, Rocket Bokan. Their children were born just days apart.